Welcome to Annandale Acoustics.


Annandale Acoustics is a privately held American company that was founded to manufacture classically inspired loudspeakers for music lovers  that are not cheap but relatively affordable, and uncompromising in their quality and now, customizable to your personal preferences.


Because quality—both sound quality and build quality-- is our number one priority, we have designed our new speaker systems with the latest engineering methods and hand craft them in the USA with the best materials and components. Our speakers are characterized by their smooth, musical and low distortion sound with a level of performance and quality that easily surpasses anything in its price class.


We also realize that no matter how well a speaker may perform, the performance is irrelevant if it’s only affordable only to a small handful of people.  Unfortunately, this is becoming the case more and more in high end audio. And thats too bad, since there are few pleasures as simple and gratifying as listening to your favorite albums, CD's or downloads at home on a true High Fidelity system that delivers all of the emotion, energy and soul that is in the music.


To keep the costs as low as possible, Annandale builds to order and sells our speakers directly to consumers.  This bypasses the traditional channels of distribution and allows us to price the speakers at a fraction of what they would otherwise have sold for, providing the consumer with the opportunity to acquire a unique customized product at a significant cost saving.