The Annandale Acoustics 1 Year Warranty

Annandale Acoustics, LLC. warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal home use and service, for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery. The warranty is limited to the repair of the equipment. Neither transportation, nor any other costs, nor any risk for removal, transportation and installation of products is covered by the warranty.
This warranty extends only to the original purchaser. It is not transferable. This warranty does not apply any products or parts that have been subjected to misuse, neglect, accident, modification, or abnormal operating conditions. The speakers are specifically not designed for PA or other professional sound reinforcement applications that will result in extended use at very high volume levels such as in a night club.
The warranty will not be applicable in cases other than defects in materials and/or workmanship at the time of purchase and will not be applicable:
1. For damages caused by incorrect installation, connection or packing,
2. For damages caused by any use other than correct use described in the user manual, negligence, modifications, or
    use of parts that are not made or authorized by Annandale Acoustics,
3. For damages caused by faulty or unsuitable ancillary equipment,
4. For damages caused by accidents, lightning, water, fire heat, war, public disturbances or any other cause beyond
    the reasonable control of Annandale Acoustics,
5. For products whose serial number has been altered, deleted, removed or made illegible,
6. If repairs or modifications have been executed by an unauthorized person.
In the event of failure of a product under this warranty, Annandale Acoustics, LLC. will repair the product at no charge once it has been returned to the factory. Annandale Acoustics, LLC. may, at its option, replace the product in lieu of repair. If the failure has been caused by misuse, neglect, accident or abnormal operating conditions, repairs will be billed at the normal shop rate. In such cases, an estimate will be submitted before work is started, if requested by the customer.
Attempts to deliberately deface, mutilate, or remove the product's label will render this warranty void. Annandale Acoustics, LLC. will not honor warranties for any products disingenuously purchased on the US market for sale outside of the US.
The foregoing warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness or adequacy for any particular purpose or use. Annandale Acoustics, LLC. shall not be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages. This limited warranty gives the consumer-owner specific legal rights, and there may also be other rights that vary from state to state.
Notes on Warranty Repairs
An RMA (return merchandise authorization) number, issued directly by Annandale, is required when sending products for repair.
The item must be shipped to Annandale, prepaid, and in their original shipping carton with the RMA number clearly visible on the exterior of the packaging. If the original shipping carton is no longer available, Annandale will furnish a replacement at a nominal charge. A letter should be included giving full details of the difficulty.