Direct Sales Policy


Our products are sold directly to you by Annandale Acoustics. Traditionally, loudspeaker manufacturers distribute their products through a chain of distribution that can include importers, manufacturer’s representatives and retailers. Each link in the chain is entitled to a markup for the value added service they provide. The retail price a customer would pay for a loudspeaker is typically doubled as a result of the distribution model vs. a direct to consumer approach. The justification for this model has been that high end audio products (especially speakers) have to be listened to and compared to other alternatives and only a dealer could do a proper demo and explain the relative merits of the product to you.

In these tough economic times many representatives and dealers are finding it harder and harder to survive and are stocking and demonstrating less and less product thereby diminishing their value to the consumer. At the same time, prices of high end loudspeaker systems have skyrocketed due to the escalating manufacturing costs of producing in low volumes and the fact that these costs get marked up throughout the distribution chain. With the mass of information available on the internet, it’s often that a potential consumer actually knows more about the product that he/she is interested in purchasing than the sales person does.

Annandale Acoustics has decided not to participate in the classic distribution model. In keeping with the objectives we set when we created Annandale Acoustics, we wanted to; above all, offer a product that compares favorably with speakers twice its cost and whose initial purchase price is within reach of those who want to buy it.

The Internet is currently the best, most efficient way to offer products to the customer. Even loudspeakers!  In addition to the compelling advantage of removing several stages of cost markup, the Internet also allows us to communicate directly with you. No one knows our products better than we do and like you, we are audio enthusiasts and music lovers.

With Annandale Acoustics, you are going to get an American made heirloom quality product at a price that belies its position in the marketplace.