Two-Way System
The Annandale A-25 XL2 has been specifically engineered as a 2 way system to avoid the problems introduced by elaborate crossover networks, and to minimize the inevitable differences when the same frequencies are reproduced by different drivers. While the ideal reproduction would be a unified source, physical limitations preclude this in practical systems.
Sophisticated Crossover Network Topology
Annandale has specified its drivers for specific roll off characteristics to work with the electrical 3rd order crossovers to achieve acoustical 4th order slopes for smooth blending through the critical mid range and to minimize both time delay and phase distortion.
10" Woofer
Although contrary to popular fashion, extensive research done over the years established that the 10” woofer diameter can afford the optimum combination of low frequency generating capability, low moving mass, and adequate structural rigidity to rule out the adverse effects of cone breakup for a smoother midrange. The Annandale woofer provides 250% more radiating area than the typical 6 1/2” woofer for a more powerful low end with superior transient response and greater power handling capacity since the cone excursion is much lower for a given sound pressure level.
Annandale's specially designed 10” SEAS woofer has a classical paper cone and matching natural rubber surround. These features combine to produce a very smooth response with no cone breakup resonances. The four layer voice coil provides a well behaved roll off in the midrange coupling smoothly with the 2/10 Custom's tweeter options. On the base tweeter, the magnet system has a T-shaped cross section of the pole piece for low modulation distortion and the extremely stiff and stable injection moulded metal basket keeps the critical components in perfect alignment. Finally, large windows in the basket both above and below the spider reduce sound reflection, air flow noise and hold cavity resonance to a minimum.
Wide Range Tweeter
The choice of a single wide-range tweeter which has very high short term power handling capacity and low compression at high power levels provides greater sonic homogeneity and improved dispersion with minimal interference effects. It contributes to the “big” sound and excellent stereo imaging of the 2/10 Custom.
The base 1” SEAS tweeter is a pre-coated fabric dome with a wide, soft polymer surround and a rear chamber, specially designed for excellent stability against variations in air humidity, low resonance and excellent mechanical linearity. It’s this remarkable freedom from linear distortion that contributes in large measure to the smoothness and precise delineation of subtle musical nuances often used to describe the sonic character of these speakers. Upgrades include the SEAS Excel tweeter, which offers higher power handling, lower distortion and more extended top octave.
Low Distortion
Women, who often have more sensitivity to high frequency distortion than men, will note that this clarity has been achieved without the offensive stridency or harshness which accompanies exaggerated midrange or treble characteristics.