In 1969 A Legend Was Born…


The original A-25, built by the legendary speaker manufacturer SEAS of Norway, was introduced to the US market by Dynaco in 1969.  Over the next decade, the A-25 became one of the most popular high-end speakers of all time resulting in sales of one million units. The tremendous success of the product is not a surprise - Gordon Holt said at the time in Stereophile magazine: "You will have a hard time buying more musical naturalness at any price... The A-25’s are quite probably the best buy in high fidelity today." As Julian Hirsch commented in Stereo Review: "When the music contained low bass... the A-25 left no doubt of its capabilities... Nothing we tested had a better overall transient response."


…and is now Reborn for a New Generation of Music Lovers

Fast  forward 40 years. Time has moved on and styles have changed. What hasn’t changed is our love for music and the importance of quality and value.  Re-enter the A-25 in its new form; the A-25 XL2 from Annandale Acoustics.  A classic design inspired by the original in form, function and spirit down to its premium SEAS drivers and aperiodic vent, but designed and built to a standard that the original could only hope to approach.  The XL2 is not a replica or a clone. It’s a thoroughly modern, beautifully built interpretation of a well loved classical speaker.


Enhanced with 21st Century Technology…


The XL2 has a far more powerful woofer with an advanced open-architecture cast frame, a new ultra low distortion tweeter and a sophisticated crossover network built with premium quality Jantzen air-core inductors and poly-film capacitors. These enhancements, when combined with Annandale’s handcrafted, low energy storage critically damped Baltic Birch enclosure, result in dramatically improved resolution, frequency response, stereo imaging and power handling while retaining the original’s warm rich musical sound and never sounding analytical or harsh. Its easy impedance curve makes it an ideal match with your favorite amplifier, be it new or old, solid-state or tube.


…and Quickly Becoming a New Classic.


The A-25 XL2 delivers smooth, musical and low distortion sound with a level of performance and quality that is competitive with the best  speakers of today. But unlike many speakers in its price class, this is not a made-in-China mini monitor.  The A-25 XL2 is built to last for generations thanks to its American made enclosure finished in beautiful veneers of natural maple. Whether you are in the market for your first set of high-end speakers or are an audio veteran looking to get off the equipment merry go round, the new A-25 XL2 is the answer just as the original was for a generation of music lovers in the 70's.