The Annandale Acoustics A26se 

Custom Features

The A26se features a 10" specially designed low frequency driver with an untreated paper cone and soft rubber surround and a 1" textile dome high frequency unit with integral waveguide both made in Norway by SEAS, the original manufacturer of the Dynaco A25.

Modern sophisticated fourth order crossover networks executed with high quality components ensure optimal driver integration delivering very smooth frequency and phase response over a wide listening window. The speakers literally “disappear” leaving the music hanging in space in your room.

Sealed loading of the bass provides room placement flexibility and fast tight bass with no overhang or boominess

15 Ply Baltic Birch enclosure with and internal bracing for stiffness and low cabinet induced coloration

Real walnut or Cherry veneer for beauty and durability

Integral wave guide on the high frequency driver helps match dispersion characteristics of the drivers throughout the critical crossover region for very natural midrange response. 

Smooth impedance curve and 87db efficiency makes the A26se compatible with all types of amplifiers from tube to solid state, low power to high power.

The A26se, designed and built with the best that technology has to offer today, easily reaches a level of performance in terms of frequency response, resolution and power handling that simply was not possible back in the day while retaining the endearing, sweet musical character and the traditional look of the original.

The a26se follows the A-25 XL2 of 2009 which was launched in very limited quantities and quickly sold out. In response to customer demand for different finishes, upgrades to drivers and crossovers as well as for self-amplified and kit versions, Annandale is currently working exclusively on a custom basis.

The A25se loudspeaker systems start at $2,499 per pair.

Annandale does offer older models (including original Dynaco A25) from time to time that go through a thorough inspection and factory refurbishing/upgrading program. Please contact us for information and pricing on what is currently available.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Response (-3db)   58Hz – 20 kHz

Bass Response -10db:           38Hz

Sensitivity:                              87db @ 1 watt/1 meter

Power Handling:                     150 Watts 

Nominal Impedance:               8 ohms

Crossover Frequency:            2,000 Hz 4th order acoustic

Enclosure Type:                     Aperiodic via Flow Resistor            

Woofer:                                  SEAS 10" Cast frame, Dr. K Müller paper cone  

Tweeter:                                 SEAS 1" Sonotex™ dome 

Dimensions:                           21" x 12 1/2" x 10 1/2"

Weight:                                   29 lbs

Enclosure Material:                15 Ply Baltic Birch constrained layer damped 

Finish:                                    Walnut or Cherry